Avoid tech fails that delay meetings

Imagine this: you have scheduled a meeting and arrived at the venue on time. But some of the technology in the meeting room just won’t work, and a technician has to be called in to resolve the issues. The meeting is delayed, and you are frustrated! Happens most of the time, right?

Meeting delays due to technical issues can create bigger problems. It affect productivity, waste time & resources, and may impact business transactions. According to Harvard Business Review, it is important to start meetings On Time because a five minutes delay for each hour-long meeting costs a company 8% of its meeting time. Most management teams wouldn’t tolerate 8% waste in any other area of responsibility*.

Organizations can outfit meeting rooms with a reservation signage system that can also  provide reporting for in-room technology assets. This streamlines meeting preparation and can be addressed under Arrive InfoPoint – a room reservation signage system that has  device Reporting and Analytics feature.

Users can report faulty devices in the meeting room, and InfoPoint can send a notification to an Admin or Facility Manager about the issue. Reported device icons with an alert symbol are also displayed on the InfoPoint screen, providing real time notifications to users. The reporting feature is a room maintenance tool that can help reduce delays in meetings plus save time & energy wastage due to technology issues.


InfoPoint report_flow

Arrive InfoPoint meeting room device issue reporting flow