Make working together the most productive part of the day


Within a matter of months, the amount of technology needed in a work space has shrunk – both in size and number. Huddle rooms have become the  work space of choice for small group work or collaboration. Technology in these work spaces are one of the important factors that influence productivity.

Arrive FacePoint used to be composed of several hardware and software when it was first offered as a room system. However, it has evolved into a collaboration system designed to improve productivity and efficiency in a much compact system with the introduction of the Arrive FacePoint Touch. It can be integrated to fit any space from huddle rooms, training and class rooms, to meeting rooms.

Arrive FacePoint addresses the most common group work space needs in one system such as collaboration, presentation, and control. When integrated with a touch display, Arrive FacePoint brings significant upgrades to any work space with the following benefits:

  • Effortless collaboration – provides collaboration tools at hand from video conferencing apps to a digital whiteboard canvas. Being productive is a given!
  • Faster sharing – easy access to apps, storage, shared drives, and cloud-based data
  • Presentation friendly – supports familiar Windows applications from the MS Office suite such as PowerPoint and Excel; and easily integrated with wireless presentation devices in the case of BYOD.
  • Handy control – no need for a separate control device since the system provides control functions for managing collaboration, tools, apps, display and audio settings, system settings, etc.
  • Easy integration – for the technical installer, Arrive FacePoint Touch is easily integrated with any touch display, since it can be installed as a standalone application, or paired with a server app in the case of multiple installs.

The other most important aspect of the Arrive FacePoint is its simple user interface design, which is far easier to use than the average tablet or smart phone. The context of tools vis-à-vis user is intuitive enough that no training is needed – ensuring maximum productivity for any team work or collaboration activity.