Digital Signage and business growth

What is Digital Signage and how can it drive customer value to help grow your business?

The emergence of new communication technologies has radically changed the way businesses drive value to customers. Other than the use of social media and big data, Digital Signage has changed the way businesses (especially their brands), interrupt shoppers and interact with them . The conversation is now a two-way dialogue with customers being able to seek out the information they need and brands being able to push
the information they want them to see. Using digital signage is crucial in addressing customer behavior and drive more value that spur business growth.

A Digital Signage is like having your own TV channel that only presents relevant Information to your company and its audience. It provides more dynamic content compared to traditional billboards, and thus gives open, unprecedented access to products, brands and services. As a business owner, Digital Signage gives you exceptional freedom and flexibility when It comes to getting noticed and point­-of-purchase advertising has never been more Important than today.

  • Digital Signage can fulfill a variety of communication objectives: branding, merchandising, promotion. education, information, wayfinding, and entertainment, as well as employee and customer communication.
  • Digital Signage adds vitality and energy to an environment and has the ability to reach people with
    a message relevant to their location – the office, on campus, a subway, malls, or the airport.
  • Screens can be updated from a remote location. Screens can also include live news or weather feeds, provide interaction with touchscreens or mobile phones, and be scheduled to deliver specific messages based on time of day, event or audience.
  • One size doesn’t fit all. You’ll want to consider appropriate size and integration into your facility based on your objectives and your budget. The outcome could be a single screen in one location or multiple screens in multiple locations. Regardless of what you choose, you’re providing the facility with a way to greatly enhance communications, improve aesthetics, and save money.

Surely, there’s enough proof that digital signage can help grow your business! For more information on Arrive’s digital signage, download the brochure.

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