Arrive partners with Logitech on Collaboration Program

Logitech Collaboration Program partner


Here’s a repost of the announcement on Arrive’s recent partnership with Logitech:


Published on: Nov. 1, 2017 by Geno Zaharie

The Logitech Collaboration Program Adds New Partners

It’s hard to believe more than two years have passed since we first launched the Logitech Collaboration Program (LCP). When we first announced the program, we had six partners.
One year later, we announced 15 new partners, now the Logitech Collaboration Program includes more than 30 partners whose products, especially when combined with Logitech ConferenceCams, enhance your video conferencing and collaboration experience.

If you’re wondering why new partners keep joining every month, it’s because we work with our partners to deliver exceptional user experiences through integrated and complementary products that are easy to use and install. Who doesn’t want that?

This month, we’re welcoming:

  • Arrive Systems
    Arrive provides innovative hardware and software platforms that offer unified communications & collaboration (UC&C) and networked media solutions (NMS). Arrive Systems has joined the LCP to better integrate Logitech ConferenceCams within the Arrive Platform through Logitech’s published Software Resource Kit (SRK). Integration objectives include real-time camera management, data analytics for predictive maintenance models and incorporating facial recognition for personalized experiences.

We’re excited to see the continued success for this partnership!  Read more about the Arrive FacePoint