Green tech in the office equals to RoI in operational savings

Educating employees to use the energy saving features of  green technology in the office is one of many ways to reduce business energy costs, and thus contribute to long term RoI in operational savings.

Reducing the energy use of work spaces or a building in general, is an effective way to cut operating costs and boost profits. Money saved through energy efficiency directly impact the bottom line.While not always providing the greatest visible impact, green technology in the office do provide tangible results in the long term, especially on the creation of a more efficient and energy saving workplace.

Energy saving tips:

  • Establish energy efficient practices by educating employees on how to use the energy saving features of a workplace appliance. One example is the power management features of a computer that allows users to place computers into a low power or “sleep” mode after a designated period of inactivity. Computer sleep mode saves energy by only utilizing the least amount of power that the machine can get away with using. The hibernate feature in laptops and desktops also allows to save existing work as it is, and  can continue from the same point next day. Schedule workstations to switch to hibernate mode after working hours and during weekends, if it is not possible to shut down a PC.

Other devices also have similar features, such as those in display screens. The Arrive InfoPoint Room Scheduling Signage, for example, has an Energy feature where business hours are clearly defined in the device settings in order for the appliance to go on standby mode when not in use. InfoPoint can also provide analysis reports on venue utilization, that is the number of hours a particular room is actually being used. Insights from the reports can be used to pinpoint the percentage of  time, energy, or resource utilization.

  • Reduction of  paper waste in the work place by printing or using paper only when necessary. This will not only reduce paper wastage but makes life of  printers longer and decreasing the  amount of energy required to run them.

Arrive InfoPoint can actually reduce paper use by using MS Outlook’s calendar or other online scheduling tools from Ofc365 or Google Calendar to book rooms and send out meeting notifications. It can broadcast signages or announcements, reducing the need for It’s Note feature makes use of virtual yellow sticky notes to leave messages to meeting participants, so there is no need to write notes on paper at all! Don’t pass around any printed survey forms either, instead make use of the InfoPoint’s Survey  feature to gather feedback or opinion.

Arrive Ibfopoint ID 1000
Use the Arrive InfoPoint to book rooms, publish signage, set business hours, or leave notes
  • Switch off equipment when not in use: Make sure that you switch off all lights, air conditioners, audio devices and displays after use. They continue to draw power even if they are plugged in. Switching them off after meeting or working hours will conserve energy and reduce your energy bill. The Arrive ControlPoint can be used to turn off or switch on meeting room devices directly from the touch panel.
room control with Arrive InfoPoint
Use Arrive’s AV-IoT Control to manage devices
  • Buy energy efficient devices: Energy efficient devices cost more up front but over years of use, they’re going to save you money. This hold true for any equipment that run on electricity – spending a little more can result in significant savings over years. Many Arrive devices run on power-over-ethernet (PoE), and are energy efficient. It also uses LED, one of the most energy efficient lighting option, for the status lights of its InfoPoint devices.
  • Use collaboration technology to hold virtual meetings:  Arrive FacePoint supports technologies like  Skype for Business that allows users to hold virtual meetings and give presentations without even going to a client’s office. You can surely save money on the amount of gasoline or flight tickets that would be used to buy it.
vs_manage participants
Use Arrive FacePoint to hold virtual meetings or collaborate with in-room participants
  • Encourage employees to take part in brainstorming sessions using huddle spaces:  Arrive HuddlePoint can be installed in small rooms or spaces for employees to collaborate or brainstorm on projects. Instead of using large meeting rooms to accommodate a few participants, huddle spaces are the new spaces for teams to work in that can also provide the same functionality and experience as that of larger conference rooms for example. Arrive MediaPoint can also be installed in meeting rooms to allow users to present from smart devices, eliminating the need for dedicated in-room PCs.

Saving energy is not the sole responsibility of business owners. Employees must be delegated responsibility to come out with their own innovative ideas to cut down energy costs. Employers often underestimate the ideas of their employees, so having an open dialogue about the things that could be changed about energy usage in your business is very important. This will allow you to create an energy efficient work culture in your company.

Ask your Arrive Systems representative about how Arrive technology can help reduce your business energy cost.