Arrive’s Win-a-Tesla IoT project contest

The Arrive® IoT PROJECT CONTEST is a skill-based trade promotion offered only in the contiguous U.S. to Techdocent and Liberty AV Solutions’ U.S. authorized dealers, contractors, installers, consultants and/or similar technology professionals in the AV systems industry, 18+, who submit an eligible AV system project during the Contest Registration Period (July 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018).

How do I compete?

Step 1: Design and Register a Project – what is the catch?

Project must include Arrive’s OnePoint software platform and two of the following products:

  • Arrive FacePoint® 1151-EMT NUC
  • Arrive FacePoint® 2.0 EdgelessMedia Touch
  • Arrive AirPoint™ 2011-BYMG
  • Arrive HuddlePoint 4010 CMMH
  • Arrive InfoPoint™ Information Display (ID) – 700 or 1000
  • Arrive InfoPoint™ 2.0 software
  • Liberty Huddle Room Products (any one or more):
    • Intelix and Digitalinx AutoSwitcher products
    • USB cable
    • SoftCodec product
    • Liberty bulk cable

Step 2: Go to or to register project for approval.

Liberty is accepting Arrive IoT Project Contest Registrations from active Liberty dealers. If you have an existing Liberty Dealer Account, you can log in to your account to complete the contest registration form.

Approval of the Project (Submission Approval):

  • Once registered, participant will be contacted via email and/or phone to gather project specific details.
  • Project will be reviewed to ensure it meets the product criteria listed in the rules.
  • Project will be approved or denied.

Step 3: Completion of the Project

Projects must be installed and completed by April 30, 2018.

An expert judging panel will evaluate all completed projects during the month of May 2018.

Winner will be announced during the InfoComm 2018 show.

Judging Criteria is the following:

  • Innovative – innovative use of Arrive products from the published Products and Materials list.
  • Creative – creative, innovative and imaginative use of combining Arrive OnePoint – Resource Management IOT software platform with hardware creating an overall functional AV system.
  • Complexity –overall quality and complexity of the Completed Design.
  • Useful –usefulness to end user.
  • Experience –improves the experience of everyday AV users.