Welcome 2018! Our perspective on industry trends and digital disruptions

Happy New Year!

Yes, the holiday season is over, and most of us members of the workforce are now back on the grind – ensconced in the warmth of our cubicles, and looking ahead to possible trends and digital disruptions that will unfold in 2018.

The past years have brought us an increase in smart personal gadget use, a proliferation of apps that encouraged us to engage with more and more “things” via smart speakers or phones, consumer access to virtual reality,the roll-out of intelligent electric cars, and ubiquitous personalized digital services for hospitality, business and travel among other things.

Arrive perspective: First Wave of Digital Disruptions that affected the way we work and live

For 2018 and beyond, our perspective focuses on the second wave of digital disruptions that will both:

  • Accelerate the transformation in industries that have already been impacted.
  • Rapidly transform industries that were mostly untouched by previous disruptions

Arrive Systems - second wave of digital disruptions


We at Arrive®, have identified three major digital disruptions for the new year:

1. Connected Everything – The explosion of connected devices and sensors common in the consumer market (e.g., wearables, home automation,smart speakers) are making their way into professional environments, resulting in an influx of data that can be harnessed to increase productivity and reduce costs.

2. Cognitive Intelligence – Large, structured transactional systems that powered the first wave of disruption have rapidly become commoditized, and are being supplemented with cognitive models that deliver actionable insights in real-time, not just historical reports.

3. Security First – Previously an isolated IT function, security is now consistently an executive level priority, the success of which can determine if an organization can stay viable by protecting their sensitive data and intellectual property.

Meanwhile, other technology trends that may dominate this year include:

  • Artificial Intelligence is predicted to be a mainstay feature in technology design
  • Seamless and lower error rate in digital conversations (ex. chatbots, intelligent personal assistants)
  • Next-generation UI designs that incorporates voice-based inputs rather than touch
  • Demand for faster network connections such as 5G

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Taking these trends and disruptions into account, Arrive’s product design for this year and beyond focuses more on investments in software development that bridges traditional AV hardware with today’s cutting-edge technologies. Arrive’s aim is to offer an expanded facility management services and tools via an integrated platform that drives smart spaces and connects people.

Read more about Arrive OnePoint at https://arrivesys.com/the-onepoint-advantage.